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Body Zorb Is A Great Game

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The greatest thing about body zorb ball is that it’s a sport which both the parents and kids can participate in at the same time. You can call upon your family friends and their kids to join your family for a fun time playing soccer ball. Cases of injuries in bubble football are very rare because people hardly knock each other physically; thanks to the bubble ball which the players will be wearing.

Since there is no athletic skill needed for this sport, you can visit local stores to buy the body zorb or even order it online. There comes a time when you just need to use the kit for a limited time hence no reason to purchase them. That is not an issue to anyone because bubble soccer kit can always be rented. Renting them can be necessary especially when you want to organize a local tournament in your neighborhood and not everyone may have them. The other great benefit of renting option for a bubble soccer ball is that you can become partner with a company that owns the kits. They can choose to use you as their agent in your local area and when you rent the soccer balls to other guys, you will earn a commission.

What is Body Zorbing

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What is Body Zorbing? This is a question that most people would love to here it answered. This article will answer all the questions that you might have on this sport. This sport has different names in different countries. For instance, in Germany, it is called Loopyball while the Europeans call it bubble soccer or bubble football.
The sport is quickly gaining recognition and spreading all over the world. Johan Gold and Henrick Elvestad started it as a joke when they took a video of themselves playing the soccer and posted it on YouTube. From then on, the sport’s popularity spread rapidly throughout the world.
Body zorbing is played like the normal soccer game. The only difference is that in this sport, players are immersed in giant plastic orbs. The orbs are worn up to the waist and they therefore allow the players to move and run freely. The aim is not only to score but also to knock down your opponent while doing it.

body zorbing
So while playing, one is on the look out to avoid being knocked over while at the same time they try to score. When playing the game, it is more important to avoid being knocked down than scoring. The gamer is therefore played more like dodge ball than soccer; where each player runs to avoid colliding with the opponent. Once a player is knocked down, getting back up can be a daunting task for the as they can only do this with their feet.
In this game, the hands of the players are inside the orb; this in a great way affects the players balance and mobility. To maintain balance, a player has to rely on their legs alone. This makes the game even more fun to play. The game can be played by several friends against each other depending on how many they are.