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inflatable body zorbing

Inflatable Body Zorbing

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The game uses giant inflated balls that are zorb-like. This is why the game is also called inflatable body zorbing.

The inflatable body zorbing is what make this game extremely hilarious and crazy. It involves bumping and smashing into each other as players try to get the ball from their opponents. If you are lucky to land well after smashing your opponent, you are good to be on your feet and play on. You can imagine what it looks like when two gigantic balloons hit each other? Probably one or both of them would rise up as if they are remotely propelled into space.

This is why bubble football is spreading across the whole world so fast. The fun in this game is a no match. The game doesn’t require advanced football skills but you have to be at least 12 years old or more. You must be healthy, physically fit and be tall enough, approximately 5 ft so as to fit in the bubble. One of the amazing facts about the game is that it can be played by a combination of both female and male players. The bubbles are of different sizes depending on your age. Sizes for both adults and kids are available. The game also has a referee and doesn’t hurt.